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Flying around Karimabad allows you to discover flights in Pakistan among high peaks like Rakaposhi at 7880m and sevral 7000m peaks. The takeoff at 3000m is on the slope of Ultar Sar (7388m) one of the many 7000m in the valley.
The flight to Karimabad provides fewer opportunities to fly at 8000m than the Baltoro, only one flight has exceeded the 8000m in the valley. Flight carried out by François Ragolski in 2021 and achieved the world altitude record which will be repeated two weeks later. Flight at 8225m above Rakaposhi. Two other flights at 7960m were also carried out by Damien Lacaze and Antoine Girard in 2018.

It is the ideal place to discover high altitude flying or acclimatize to the altitude, flying at 7000m is common there. Less than 15km from takeoff we find no less than 20 peaks over 7000m.

This is the ideal place to practice paragliding/skis or mountaineering combos. The two summits of more than 7000m currently being climbed by paralpinism (paragliding/mountaineering combo) were achieved in the valley.

Access to the takeoff is a 20-minute walk for only 200m of elevation gain.
Access to Karimabad from Islamabad is by plane and finishing by car or directly by car. Accommodation is located in a hotel directly in the town of Karimabad, making it one of the most accessible places in the world to fly among the Himalayan or Karakoram giants.
The absence of trekking allows you to limit the price and duration. Access to takeoff and base camps is also much less physical.
Flight conditions can be challenging and landing technical in the middle of the day. The breeze easily reaches 15km/h but it is rarely strong.

The proposed price includes:
  • Transportation to/from Islamabad airport and Karimabad (23kg + 10kg baggage)
  • The NOC (Flight Permit)
  • The hotel for the duration of the trip (room for 2)
  • Shuttles for take-off
  • Shuttles to return from the various Karimabad landings
  • Lessons/explanations on how to fly in the region
  • Lessons/explanations of the risks (Prohibited areas, the dangers, the risk at altitude)
  • Official invitation letter (mandatory to obtain the visa)

Not included:
  • Flight ticket to Islamabad
  • Visa for Pakistan


Remember to take out insurance
It is advisable to come for 3 weeks, the weather can be capricious and to optimize the chances of major flights it is worth increasing the duration. It is quite possible to come for 2 weeks.
It is possible to have a shuttle to be picked up when you are far away (4*4). The price depends on the distance and on a case by case basis. To be paid directly to the driver.
It is possible to have a single room (room for 2 people), supplement of 200€ to 400€ depending on the duration.
It is possible to have an air-conditioned room and/or individual, supplement of €500 to €700 depending on the type of room and the duration.
It is possible to have a device with an oxygen bottle for the altitude, count around €300

All prices are given as an indication, the final price will be given according to the duration that is free in the proposed period.

Price for 15 days from Islamabad/Karimabad/Islamabad: 2000€
Price for 30 days from Islamabad/Karimabad/Islamabad: 3000€

Date 2024: May 25 to June 30

Possibility of a Karimabad (2 weeks) AND Baltoro pack for €8,800 for example
Possibility of being supervised by a paragliding instructor, high mountain guide or doing tandem. Price based on demand

For more information, contact me

The service offered is only a travel logistics and not a supervised activity. Everyone must be responsible and autonomous for the flight. We decline all responsibility in the event of an accident while paragliding.