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Fly at 8000m

What could be more beautiful than flying at 8000?

To date, 5 flights are probably listed at more than 8000m.

– 2016: Antoine Girard 8157m above Broad Peak in Pakistan

– 2021: François Ragolski 8225m above Rakaposhi in Pakistan (Karimabad)

– 2021: Sebastien Brugala 8120m above Broad Peak

– 2021: Antoine Girard 8407m above Broad Peak

(These last 3 flights were carried out during a joint expedition with the main objective of climbing to 8000m)

– 2022: Antoine Girard 8054m in Peru (no remarkable summit)

Other notable flights: 2018 Damien Lacaze and Antoine Girard at 7960m in Pakistan Karimabad

Flying among 8000m peaks with breathtaking landscapes is now accessible to many pilots. Why don’t you?

How is this possible?

After numerous tests around the planet, only one location provides regular access to 8000m. It is located in Baltoro in Pakistan. There are many difficulties in flying at 8000m, we had to overcome them one by one to be able to make the first flight and repeat it. Thanks to these experiences, all the difficulties are now known and surmountable.

Why is this now accessible to many people?

– The main difficulty is accessing and flying over the Baltoro. To reach the flight zone at 8000m you have to cross the Baltoro glacier over a minimum length of 40km and then return, which makes a flight of at least 80km. The flight is very challenging because it is not possible to land in the middle of the Baltoro glacier which is completely covered with stones ranging from the size of a basketball to that of cars. If you still manage to land, you would have to walk several days to return. This is why this flight was until now reserved for elite paragliders. The problem is overcome by finding a takeoff and landing directly at the foot of the mountains at 8000m. It is possible to take off and land at any time without having to travel many kilometers. But this involves having to make a trek of 5 to 6 days to reach the base camp at the foot of the takeoff.

– The most difficult difficulty to overcome, understanding the aerology, the behavior of the paraglider and the flight options to climb to 8000m. I have flown over the Baltoro more than 30 times. All this knowledge is easily transferable and will be shared.

– The flight permit in Baltoro which is located on the Pakistan/China border: Always difficult to obtain and long

– Acclimatization to altitude. We now know the body’s acclimatization cycle to altitude in flight which is different from that of mountaineers. Deadlines must be respected and oxygen helps alleviate the problem when the body refuses to acclimatize. Bottled oxygen is strongly recommended above 7000m, especially if you do not want to acclimatize while mountaineering.